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Love my slouch socks!

These slouch socks are my favorite socks! For the last year.. or two, I have worn nothing but them and here is why. They stay up because the whole neck has elastic that is even in tension and not too tight. Also, and this is a biggie, they have no toe seam!!! You know how it is... you will be going along and your toe or toes will start hurting and it is because the sock seam is pressing on your toe for a couple of hours and you just have to stop, take your shoe off and rub your toe until the circulation comes back. Many times I have done this at a restaurant so my foot can recover. Now I don't have to plan which socks to wear with which shoes/boots. I have not even mentioned the colors! I love all the color combinations of stripes they offer. I have enough to wear a clean pair a day for two weeks! Fabulous! I wish all the other socks did not have the tight elastic at the top or the toe seam.

Best socks ever!

Never thought I'd develop a brand loyalty for socks, but after trying a pair that I bought in a little boutique, I loved them so much I tracked down the manufacturer so I could order more. They are so comfortable, keep their shape, easy to get on, and the bootie socks are the perfect height for all those cute booties! They don't slide down on the heel and are super cute with the colorful stripes.

Stripes and Slouch

These socks are my favorites from Little River--the thick slouch is really comfortable and the stripes are always fun colors. I also have a slouchy solid blue from a past season that I really love.

Love these socks!!

Excellent quality, great, fun designs and made in the USA!!!!
Will be ordering more soon, no need to buy anywhere else:))

The Perfect SOCK!

I now have 3 pair of these slouchy socks, they are the absolute perfect sock for me always my go to.From the texture to the thickness of this sock.Not to mention the cool colors they one in.

Comfort feel

I wear these socks to bed at night cause they seem to make the neuropathy in my feet feel less inflamed and prickly. They wash so nicely. They last well. They are never too tight and hard to put on .

Arbor Floral Crew- Forest
ladies seamless socks

love the socks , soft & comfortable. no redness or creases on my toes. con't to make seamless socks